Brides and Gowns: Advice From a British Designer

For brides it is the selection of gown and dresses for the attendants that presents the all important wedding decision. British Fashion Designer Ann Buck, shares her advice.

Q: What do brides tell you most when you are fitting their gowns?

A: Brides usually tell me that they are on a diet and to fit the dress tightly, because they aim to lose weight, but it is important not to lose or gain weight after the final fitting.

Q: What is the current best look for brides?

A: At the moment, slim-line dresses, in soft fabrics, such as chiffon and lace, are very fashionable.

Q: What fabrics and styles do you feel flatter brides the best?

A: Silk, satins, chiffon and lace are the most flattering fabrics.   Slim-line or full ‘A’ line styles work for most figure shapes. In northern cooler climates because of the duller light/weather, ivory or champagne suits most complexions better than white but brides in sunnier states brides look great in white.

Q: What is the hardest fabric to work with?

A: Stiff heavy satins, velvet plus flimsy chiffons.

Q: Have you created a Winter Wedding outfit for a bride?

A: Yes, a slim lace dress with crystal beading to catch the winter light, with a faux fur hooded cloak to wear over.

Q: How about the little ones, what is the best dress solution for very small flower girls?

A: Very small flower girls look lovely in ‘ballet’ style, full skirted dresses, with gauzy tulle overlay, tied at the waist with a pretty satin sash.

Q: What about little girls hair and head dressing? What works best?

A: For small bridesmaids/flower girls a simple hair ornament that is comfortable and will not dislodge easily is best such as a decorated headband, a flower hair slide or beads braided through the hair.

Q: What works best for adult bridesmaids’/attendant dresses?

A: A slim-line style in a plain block color works best.  (Adult attendants do not all have to wear the same color if style is unfussy). Subtle detailing such as cross body drapes or bead detail creates style without overshadowing the bride. Also it makes sense that the dress could be worn again as a party/special occasion dress.

Q: What are the extra touches that you offer brides?

A: Carefully sourced and beautiful fabrics make all the difference. Brides should seek advice for the best style options to suit them and the location of the wedding. Nothing beats an excellent cut and fit and delicate hand detailing.

Q: What is the best and worst brides dress you created!

A: The last dress that I have made is always the best so far! I can’t remember any ‘worst’ dresses only ‘worst’ customers who changed their minds about style/fabrics half way through and incurred a lot of unpicking!


Finally the most important thing brides can do to make their day the very best is to stop fussing about small details and to just enjoy one of the most special days of their life.


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